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At the center of God's heart are families. When you work with families to encourage them and move them towards healthy family dynamics you have just touched His heart. There are so many dysfunctional marriages and families that are operating in brokenness within the body of Christ in Asia. Through marriage seminars and effective counseling, we strive to bring kingdom values into their homes. We build healthy individuals and families that bring healing and restoration to their community and nation.


  • Designing and building a physical family center to house families for short term treatments and training.

  • For ongoing family dynamic and personal therapy.

  • For youth and family interactions.

  • Ongoing equipping and training of families.

  • We provide literacy training bringing free english language instruction and basic literacy programs for adults and families. 

  • We conduct Bible understanding through small family groups for adults and children.


We conduct Marriage Conferences twice per year in different Indian cities. Through these conferences, marriages and families have been revolutionized for the better, and are being eternally impacted.


Our Family Center has become a valuable resource tor Indian families. We involve therapists, family counselors, financial coaches and speakers, who have a passion to see Jesus move within family systems. Training and coaching is making a significant difference in these families.


Our mission is to empower couples and parents, nurture children and strengthen communities. We provide parents with the education, resources and support they need to raise children who thrive. Through our ongoing training and counseling we see families changing before our eyes. We truly believe since God is the establisher of families we feel His strength to carry forth with our Family Centers.

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